Hello…from the other side!

Thank you for making it this far to read my blog. I’m not sure anyone will be bothered about what i have to say. But here i am, non the less, saying it! And hopefully here you are, non the less, reading it!

img_0151(This is me. And my pepsi. You will see a lot of him.)

I’m a mancunian vegan fangirl, who loves yoga, needs meditation and drinks too much wine!


(crispy sweet chilli tofu with coconut basmati rice) 

When i first became vegan i searched the internet for recipes and advice and blogs to follow. Something easy to make the transition less scary. And i found a lot of fabulous advice and amazing new friends. I also found out that the friends I had were pretty fantastic too! As they asked me about my reasons, and tried out my recipes and agreed to eat cheese sauce made from carrots and potatoes and drink coffee with vanilla flavoured soya milk in it! I even got my family to enjoy tofu!


(Sunday fajitas with the Papa bear, with a peppery rocket side and lemony avocado)

I also found that a lot of vegans are pretty scary. And i do understand why. When you find out the truth about the dairy industry and factory farming, its devastating. Especially when you have animals in your own home, and you hold them close and feel heart broken at the loss of those other animals. However, i personally do not feel that shaming tactics ever help a cause. Nor does aggression.  I believe that, if you want people to think about what you are saying, or to make a change to their diet, you have to show them how, give them a reason why, and an example of how easy and how cheap it is.


(Saturday morning hangover facon butty)

No one that i know wants to intentionally support animal cruelty. The fact of the matter is that we don’t know we are doing it and we don’t know what the alternatives are or how to find them. We are all working hard, saving our money, raising children, supporting our lives the best way we can, and we want to know that cosmetics, household products and every day pantry staples are available in the supermarket on the way home, or in the shop in the precinct around the corner. And that we can buy them with the few quid in our pockets. No one has the time, the money or, quite frankly, the inclination to go on endless  long unproductive internet searches in their few spare hours between work and bed. So i am hoping that i can bring you a lot of that information as painlessly and as cheaply as possible.


(A few of my meals from last year. Part of the Veganuary promotion)

I work long hours and am tired and have very little spare money. My house hold products come from Asda, Sainsburys, C0-op, home bargains and superdrug. And they work. And they last. And they are fantastic and in no way are they a compromise. And most importantly, they harm no animals in their testing or their production. And that to me is what matters the most.


A big part of my personal journey is Yoga and meditation, and i really wanted to incorporate that here too. I don’t go to classes, personally, i find them very intimidating, and expensive, and i just don’t have the time to leave my house in the cold dark evenings to get my yoga on. I’d rather wake up in the morning and roll out my mat and do all i need to do in my warm living room in my comfortable and most likely, tatty leggings and tee shirt. In my own time at my own pace. I’d like to share my mantras with you and the meditations that help me and the asanas that stretch me.


Mind, body and soul. I like to keep the whole package as healthy as i can…. That being said, there are a lot of chinese take aways, rich beautiful curry’s and pizzas piled high with buttery mushrooms and caramalised red onions, in my life. And oh my goodness, lets not forget the wine. Or the snacks. Or the chocolate.There is much more to being vegan than kale and lentils!

So, if you come with me on this journey, I hope to show you how to make some really cheap, fabulous, sometimes healthy, sometime not, vegan meals. Fill your tummy and the tummies of those you love. And most importantly, do it in a friendly environment with no judgement. I hope i am approachable to ask questions to and give advice as best as i can.


One meatless Monday, one dairy free cake, one cheese-less pizza makes a huge difference to animals, the environment and to your health.


One person can make a difference. That difference can be huge. That person can be you.



12 thoughts on “Hello…from the other side!”

  1. Absolutely brilliant 🙂 I will try a lot of your recipes, they literally always look incredibly gorgeous!! Plus myself and family are becoming much more health conscious and wanting more advice on yoga and becoming calmer emotionally and physically x

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