I need something warm on toast….what the heck has avocado got to do with it? 

When I first made the transition to being vegan, breakfasts were a struggle for me. After porridge and Linda McCartney sausages, I was lost. There was the scary sounding tofu scramble (which isn’t scary and is super delicious and I will tell you and all about) and there was avo on toast. How the hell is a weird bland green fruit mashed on toast supposed to be nice? Well, let me tell you about that!

First sort out the avo. Dont toast your bread until your avo is sorted, or your toast will go cold and you wont enjoy your breakfast and your day will be ruined and you’ll be calling me all the names under the sun!

Take your avo and  slice through it, gently. There are no fingers in this recipe! Remember, vegan! Take your knife and slide it through the top until your knife hits the stone.  Then rotate the avocado in a circle until the cut meets itself. Slide out the knife and pull the avo apart.

Then, remove the stone. DON’T THROW IT AWAY! This is a fabulous source of protein and nutrients that you can dry out, grind, and add to smoothies and other dishes. I’ll tell you more about that soon too!

To remove the stone, slice it with your knife, rotate the knife, and the stone will pop straight out

Next, remove the flesh.  With your fingers or a spoon. Either works perfectly. Some people don’t like the texture, so a spoon works perfectly.

OK.  Now you chop it, chop it and smash it! Add your extras. I add a little salt, pepper and nutritional yeast.thats just my preference  (I have a post about nutritional yeast, or nooch as it gets called. DON’T worry about it. It’s super easy and cheap to buy and easy peasy to use. You basically do what ever you want with it. It’s flaky and nutty and cheesy!) I also warm it for 10 or 15 seconds in the microwave, I don’t like a cold topping on my warm toast. But that’s just me.

Once your avo is ready, toast your toast. It can be bread, bagel, English muffin,  pitta bread or cracker. What ever your hungry little heart wants and your cupboard can provide.

Spread your avo. Add tomato, or onion, or sweetcorn, or spinach.  Or gobble it up naked and delicious.  Whatever  is in your little plastic tubs in your fridge? Get it on there. Avo goes with everything!
Get your master chef on and squeeze some sauce over the top if you like. I discovered this bad boy at Asda for £1.50 and I spread it on every damn thing!

Then. Assemble.  Shnaffle. And take on your day like the warrior you are.

Enjoy you gorgeous person!

Love, Polly xx


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