Is it still pizza if it has no cheese?

Listen. Cheese is the hardest thing to give up. No vegan is going to disagree with you. There are some fabulous vegan cheeses available, but to be fair, until you have been dairy free for at least a few months, I’d personally leave them alone. You will compare them and feel disappointed. Once you’ve moved on from wanting cheese, you are good to go with the Violife and the potato & carrot cheese sauce (I really need to make that again this week so I can write it up for you with!), but first, you have to be cheese free. And this is the best damn cheese free pizza i have ever had in my life. In fact, its the best pizza ive ever had in my life!

The easiest way to not have cheese on your pizza is to change your pizza…the secret, not a tomato sauce base. Hummus. Yes, Hummus. And omg, it is a life saver its so damn good.


I used the Napolina Pizza base from Asda. Its vegan and there are two in the box, so you can freeze the other base and have it tomorrow, because you are gonna want this pizza again!


Slather on your hummus. Buy the hummus or make your own. It really doesnt matter here. We bought ours, we are very lazy though!


I applied a layer of spinach first and then applied all the other topping on that. I pre fried the mushrooms in buttery fry light and i caramalised the red onions in balsamic glaze.


I added figs, sweetcorn, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, red onions, spinach, home made pesto and more balsamic glaze.

Then cook.

The balsamic glazeis the one i bought from Asda for 1.50. Its super glorious! wp-image-1143431073jpg.jpg



Anyway. This bad boy doesn’t need cheese at all. So buy the ingredients. Make it. Shnaffle it. 🙂

Im craving it again now that i’ve written this up. Clearly another trip to Asda is in my future!

Love, Polly

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