Supernatural Sunday pancakes… 

It’s Sunday.  It’s cold. It’s raining. Half term is over and I’m back to work tomorrow. This is the kind of morning that requires magic. This is the kind of morning that requires pancakes!

I do enjoy those small, round, fluffy American pancakes sometimes, but, like my pizza, I prefer my base thin and my toppings aplenty!


(I make my mixtures in Swedish glace ice cream tubs. If I don’t use it all I can just put a lid on it and put it straight into my fridge without having to use another bowl to wash!)

  • One cup of plain flour.
  • One cup of soya milk (you can use almond, but it’s a little thicker, and coconut milk is a little thinner, so your taste and results will differ slightly!)
  • The juice from one tin of chickpeas (The aqua faba gold juice! – usually equates to 4 tablespoons)
  • One tablespoon of icing sugar
  • A little salt.
  • Toppings of your choice


Mix the flour and milk together.add a pinch of salt.

Whisk  the aqua faba and sugar.  (You don’t want stiff peaks here, just creamy and full of air bubbles, to add the lift and binding in the pancakes).

Mix the lot together.

(Ignore the fact that my nail Polish needs sorting out! Luckily this isn’t a beauty blog!)


(Flip your pancakes when the surface is covered with bubbles)

Add your toppings! (I chose Alpro coconut yoghurt, raspberries and organic coconut palm sugar. I got this beautiful sugar when I was on holiday in Bali.  I don’t know how to replenish it so I use it sparingly!)



Put on your favourite box set and relish in your Sunday! My choice today, Supernatural! What? I’ve only watched the whole thing about 17 times, I might have missed something important!!!!

Love, Polly


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