Leftover Soup, with toasted pitta and crispy mushrooms.

I Love soup. Its one of those foods that is comforting  and nurturing and the easest damn thing in the world to make. . and its exactly what you need for your dinner at the end of a snowy day. This soup i call leftover soup. Because its soup. And its made from leftovers! And when you’re vegan, all leftovers become tomorrows soup!

I made mushroom stroganoff on sunday night, with roast parsnips and roast potatoes. I took the mushrooms out of the left over stroganoff and then threw the three tubs of leftovers  in a pan.


I added a HUGE leek that i had in my fridge that i got from my wonky veg box at Asda (which is just the best thing ever! its a big box of vegetables, that are all weird sizes and so they do not fit the aesthetic of veg that other people want. Asda put it in a box for you and sell it for 3.50!)

Add stock. Because my vegetables were already cooked, i just needed to bring it to simmer for 5 minutes, until it was all lovely and bubbly and hot.


Blend (wizzz wizzz wizzz)


Fry those extra mushrooms


I put the extra soup in these plastic tubs that i had bought filled with ready to eat porridge. These tubs are the perfect size for soup because i already know that they are a perfect portion size. So once they have cooled and they freeze, I will have on hand a perfect quick dinner or lunch… or hangover cure!


Toast some pitta slices, bowl up the soup and then get that warm gloriousness into your tummy! (…but take a photo first because, otherwise, the instagram on your phone isnt living up to its full potential!)


I hope you have something warm for your tummy on this super cold night.

Stay warm, Love Polly x


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