Mushroom Miso Soup, aka, ‘I’ve just come inside from a cold rainy day and my tummy needs comfort!’

Pros of this recipe: easy, yummy, comforting, makes enough for 3 big bowls, reheats to be just as perfect as it is when freshly made….

Cons of this recipe: NONE! grab the ingredients and get it made and get it in your tummy!


  • 4 table spoons of yellow Miso
  • 4 cups of water
  • 1 packet of Rice Noodles
  • Mushrooms (or kale)
  • Onion, or leek, or spring onion.
  • Pinch of garlic powder
  • Half a block of firm tofu. (I had some in my fridge that had been previously frozen and defrosted, so the texture was much more spongy and it absorbed the flavours of the soup. If you have tofu straight from the package, its is just as yummy but it will need cooking for slightly longer.)


Firstly, dont boil your water and then put the miso straight in. The thick paste needs to be made into a sauce in a small seperate dish before you add it to the water, other wise you are going to be trying to whisk it and it will take ages and you will end up with a weak soup with weird slimy lumps of Miso. And then you will be shaking your fist at the sky and calling me names, so please, dont do that!


Put the tofu and the leek (or onion) in the pan and salt & pepper it. Turn the heat down and let it cook, about 5 minutes on either side.

20170305_145355 (2)

Put the 4 cups of water in a pan and start bringing it to the boil.

Chop up your veggies. On this occasion I made this soup with mushrooms, because thats what was in my fridge, I have made it before with kale and with purple sprouted broccoli, and it was just as delicious, so use what you have to hand. I added a small think leek that was in my Wonky Veg box and needed using up, but normally i would chop up an onion. Add them to the pan with the tofu and cook them through.


Mix the miso paste with a 2 table spoons of hot water in a bowl, and mix with a tea spoon until it is a sauce like texture.

I chopped up some more mushrooms that I boiled in the soup as it cooked, this just added another layer of texture and flavour to the soup, making it even more yummy than it was already.

Pour the miso sauce into the water, add the fried vegetables, add the raw vegetables, the rice noodles and add the pinch of garlic powder.

Stir. cook for about another 10 minutes.

Eat. Enjoy. Feel like your tummy is getting a lovely hug!


Love, Polly


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