C’est moi…♥



I live and work in Manchester, where most of my family and friends are. Although many of them are scattered across the country and the globe. I have had many great adventures visiting them, and hopefully there are many more to come.

Up until very recently I lived with my best friend. A four legged, fat, grumpy, utterly adorable black cat called Pepsi. He had to go for his long sleep, and while being utterly devastated at his loss, I know he is still around, and would love to know he is still being adored.


My hope for this blog is to share cheap, easy, wonderfully fabulous vegan meals with anyone who will listen. What they look like, how to make them, how they taste, and how very easy they are to assemble. Sometimes super crazy healthy, sometimes not. Always yummy!


I’d also like to share a little of my Peace and Love philosophy. Kindness is free, throw that shit around like glitter. (pardon my french, It wont be the last time. i throw that around like glitter too!)


There will be some yoga, that i practice, some mantras that ease my constant anxiety and help me get out of my front door and get to work. Because bills need paying and i need feeding. A lot.


I have a tendency to ramble, I will try to keep it to a minimum. If you feel its escaped my control, please tell me, I’m always open to honest criticism. Unless you are a troll. In which case, I can be a troll back, and that, you cant win. So off with you, back under your stone. This is a safe, friendly place. No room for you thank you very much.


If this all sounds like its right up your street, then please, stay with me a while. Sit down, have a brew, read something nice, say hello. I would love to hear from you.

Thank you so much for your time…be happy, be safe, be you.


Polly x