Crispy sesame sriracha cauliflower wings

This is one of the scrummiest dishes in my list of favourite scrummy dishes. Its super easy, if slightly faffy, and it will leave you will a tingly mouth and a happy happy tummy! Perfect for a cold friday evening, curled up on the sofa with a cold beer and a film! As always, please… Continue reading Crispy sesame sriracha cauliflower wings


Why the hell is there milk in my wine?

When i decided to become vegan, I thought I had got the hardest part sorted. I already didn't have very much dairy as I was lactose intolerant, and eggs hurt my tummy... I only had lactose free cheese and could live without meat, so, easy peasy I thought. Just go to Tesco, buy their vegan cheese,… Continue reading Why the hell is there milk in my wine?